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Operating a business has it's challenges, and funding doesn't HAVE to add to the challenges! With Charges for Children, you'll have access to fast, flexible, and affordable funding solutions to help grow and attract more customers.


Small Business Loan

A small business loan is a more traditional approach to funding. If this option appeals to you our small business loan may be a perfect fit. Approval of our loans isn't just based on credit score, but performance as well.

Cash Advance for Business

If you business accepts credit card this solution could be the right funding for you. We make it convenient to repay through a percentage of your future credit card sales.

Line of Credit

Take advantage of the Freedom to withdraw funds whenever they are needed. You only incur costs on the funds withdrawn.

Bridge Loan

Get the funding you need while you await approval for a long term loan. Our bridge loans reward you with discounted fees for early payment.

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